Our Mission

Here at Sanam we believe in collectivism. In our opinion years of austerity and privatisation has taken its toll on the services that we depend upon. As a nation we have to show our support for those who work in the public sector.

For this reason we hope to set a precedent that the whole nation can follow. We must find solutions that empower our communities and encourage solidarity, without this we will struggle to overcome the difficult challenges we face. It is essential to show the rest of the world that Great Britain is not approaching an age of isolationism, but instead working to build a better society for all.

The Robin Hood Discount (15%) is available to all who feel they contribute to society in one form or another. From those who are striving to keep our NHS functioning, work in social care, education or security. There is no specific occupation that entitles anyone to this discount. This is for any job where you provide services as part of the public domain. Please note terms and conditions apply, minimum spending value is £20.

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